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Hellman's Mayonnaise on the Titanic (G)
Holiday Greeting Acceptance Form (G)
Holiday Party Memo (PG)
Ice Skating Sheep (G)
If they had computers in 1776 (G)
Inappropriate Costume (PG)
Jewish Mother's Chanukah Letter (PG)
Mafia Valentines Poems (PG)
Merry Christmas (G)
Microsoft Thanksgiving (G)
Mummy in the Toilet (G)
New Year's Letter (PG)
New Year's Resolutions You Can Get Behind (G)
One more reindeer riddle (R)
Priest and Christmas (PG)
Redneck Nativity Scene (G)
Reindeer Riddles (PG)
Responses to "What does Mrs. Claus think of the 3 Hos?" (G)
Santa is a woman (G)
Seattle Thanksgiving Day (G)

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