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Drunks and Bars

An Irishman's Last Request (G)
An Old Man a Boy and Two Droids Walk Into a Bar (G)
Armless Man (PG)
As good as this bar is! (R)
Ballerina (PG)
Bar Bathroom (R)
Bathroom problems at the bar (R)
Beer and wine don't make you fat (G)
Beer Diet Plan (PG)
Beer Math (G)
Beer Prayer (PG)
Beer Warnings (PG)
Best Drinking Story Ever Told (G)
Birthday gift from a coworker (PG)
Blonde, Brunette, Redhead ordering drinks (G)
Bltaz Beer for Nursing Moms (G)
Bulls eye contest (G)
Chasing the Fire Engine (G)
Cheesburger walks into a bar... (G)
Cleaning bill (R)

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