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Drunks and Bars

10 pints of Guinness in one sitting (G)
20 Ways to say someone is drunk (PG)
5 spot in a bar (G)
A bad egg (PG)
A Classy Bar (G)
A friendly beer (PG)
A Giraffe in a bar (G)
A good smoke (G)
A grasshopper walks into a bar (G)
A guy walks into a bar and sits down (R)
A journey of drinks (G)
A philosophical horse walks into a bar (G)
A pile of vomit walks into a bar... (PG)
A Pirate Walks Into A Bar (PG)
A priest, a rabbi, and Buddha (G)
Alcohol Warnings (PG)
American Beer (PG)
An alien walks into a bar... (PG)
An infectious disease walks into a bar (G)
An infinite crowd of mathematicians enters a bar... (G)

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