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101 Ways To Annoy People (not counting this email) (PG)
A missed John Glenn gag (G)
A Pirate Walks Into A Bar (PG)
A Proton Walks Into a Bar (G)
A really stupid cop joke (G)
A really stupid frog joke (PG)
A silly joke series (G)
A slow day (PG)
American bathroom (PG)
An accident at the brewery (G)
Anniversary News (PG)
Artists Good News/Bad News (G)
Ashes to Ashes (G)
Belt Size 48-50 (G)
Big Turkey Question (G)
Bird Brains (PG)
Blackjack and tipping (G)
Blind (or stupid parent tricks) (PG)
Blonde on a 747 (G)
Bob the sperm (PG)

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