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Chili Pepper Soup (sick) (PG)
Chinese Laundry (PG)
Clean dishes (PG)
Close Quarters (G)
Compassion of the Isles (PG)
Constipation medicine (G)
Cosmetic Knob (R)
Cowboy Remedies (PG)
Curing the Mute (R)
Dear John (X)
Deflowering the joke... (R)
Different from other girls (R)
Dirty nicotine patch joke (R)
Dirty Tattoo... (X)
Disgusting Music (R)
Don't disturb her parents! (R)
Door to door Evangelism (PG)
Driving Miss Bobbit (R)
Eating vegetables (sick) (R)
Epileptic Sex (R)

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