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6 reasons for NOT being a penis (R)
A few riddles on missing limbs (G)
A guy walks into a bar and sits down (R)
A pile of vomit walks into a bar... (PG)
A rather sick view of heaven and hell (R)
Addictive personality (R)
AIDS or Alzheimer's? (R)
And me with my piccolo (updated version) (PG)
Are you working like this? (PG)
Baby care for the first time parent (Sick) (R)
Bad Coffee (sick) (PG)
Bad diner (PG)
Bad diner part 2 (R)
Bar Bathroom (R)
Body of a 30 year old (PG)
Cajones (R)
Canada vs. USA (PG)
Canadian 20 questions (R)
Carpentry errors. . . (PG)
Changing Diapers (R)

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