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37 Days (G)
51! (G)
6 years in a Blonde's life (G)
A Blonde Hubby (R)
A blonde is walking down the street... (G)
A Brunette Walks into a Doctor's office... (G)
A few blonde breast jokes (R)
A Mathmetician, a philosopher, a blonde, and Satan... (PG)
Answer on a Blonde's Geometry Test -- Find X (G)
Blonde & the Coke Machine (G)
Blonde & the Milk Bath (G)
Blonde & the Shepherd (G)
Blonde Abortion (G)
Blonde and Brunette Suicide Riddle (G)
Blonde and her Cell Phone (G)
Blonde and the Barking Dog (G)
Blonde and the fire (G)
Blonde and the grenade riddles (G)
Blonde at a Football Game (G)
Blonde at the dentist (PG)

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