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Bobbit-esque world (R)
Brave visit to the Dentist (G)
Breast feeding Examination (PG)
Brown Balls (R)
Bus Accident (G)
Cannibal heartburn (G)
Cardiologist (G)
Career Path -- or In my footsteps? (G)
Carreer move for the gynecologist (G)
Castration (Ouch!) (PG)
Cause of Mad Cow Disease (R)
Chicken Blood Transfusions (G)
Chocolate and Marijuana (G)
Constipation Remedy (PG)
Consulting a sex therapist (PG)
Corrective Surgery (sexual) (PG)
Cosmetic Surgery (G)
Crazy guys (G)
Cross Examination of the Coroner (G)
Curing the Mute (R)

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