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"What sign should we put up?" (PG)
30 actual sentences found in patients Hospital charts (G)
6 months to live (G)
A Brunette Walks into a Doctor's office... (G)
A glass eye (PG)
A little insurance (PG)
A smoking warning for men (R)
Acute Angina (R)
Addictive personality (R)
Adventures at the Dentist's (G)
Advice on how to live longer (G)
After teh 92 year old's physuical... (G)
American Health Study (G)
An Expensive Heart Atack (G)
Beer and Ice Cream Diet (G)
Biology Test (R)
Birth Control as a Sleep Aid (G)
Birth Defect? (PG)
Birthing Experience (G)
Bladder control (G)

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