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"I Love You" in different languages (PG)
$18 Bill (G)
$20 million jackpot (G)
32 Hicks (G)
A hillbilly virgin (PG)
A real Quaker (PG)
Alabama Jump (G)
Almost the same... (PG)
amish buggie (PG)
Are we kin? (PG)
Are you a Democrat, Republican or Redneck (G)
Arkansas State Residency Application (PG)
Bar-J-Suzy-Q-Flying-W-LazyY (G)
Billy-Bob and Mary Lou (PG)
Bunch of Redneck Riddles (PG)
Buying Jesus a Drink (G)
Cajun Math (R)
Chicken clothes (PG)
Choice of Lubricants (R)
Cletus and Billy Bob in the Barn (PG)

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