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24 questions from George Carlin's warped brain (PG)
A Bird in the Hand Observation (G)
A few Gardening Quotes (G)
A few musings and bemusings (PG)
A short list of 'Never...' (G)
Adult Truths (G)
Advice from Alice in Wonderland (G)
Affimrations from the outer limits (PG)
Andy Rooney Quotes (G)
Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California Recall Quotes (PG)
Britney Logic (G)
Bush And Affirmative Action (G)
Bush Bumper Stickers (PG)
Bush's Domestic Agenda (G)
Cats, Dogs, Pigs (G)
Chinese Proverbs (PG)
Coffee Quote (G)
Comedian Quotes (G)
Computer Quotes (G)
Computers of the future in the past (G)

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