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"Doing it" by profession (PG)
10 Reasons To Go To Work Naked - actually 11 but..... (PG)
14 inches (R)
18 Daughters (R)
19 Ways to KNOW you are a woman (PG)
19th Century Euphemisms for Masturbation (PG)
25th Annivesary night vs. the first night (R)
40 Ways Men Fail In Bed (R)
40 ways women fail in bed (R)
50's Date (PG)
6 reasons for NOT being a penis (R)
62 reasons why cucumbers are better than men (R)
68? (PG)
98 and still going (PG)
a Barbie from Santa (R)
A bit too cozy (R)
A Blonde Hubby (R)
A Boy Learns about Politics (R)
A date with an ant (X)
A Day At The Bank (X)

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